TireMinder Motorcycle TPMS

Motorcycle TPMS

Peace of Mind. Before the Ride.


The TireMinder® Motorcycle TPMS monitors up to 4 tire positions from 0 to 80 PSI. With the free TireMinder App, you can view each motorcycle tire’s pressure and temperature simultaneously, while stationary or in motion. The external Bluetooth transmitters are connected to the valve stems and feature replaceable CR1632 batteries. Prior to riding, the TireMinder Motorcycle TPMS can request tire data from each external transmitter, removing the need for a tire gauge.


Monitors up to 4 tires, from 0 to 80 PSI
Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices (iOS 8+ or Android 4.4+, with Bluetooth 4.0+)
Lightweight 0.3oz Bluetooth external transmitters with replaceable batteries

Kit Includes:

2 - Bluetooth Transmitters
4 - CR1632 Batteries
4 - Additional O Rings
2 - Anti-Theft Locking Nuts
1 - Wrench with Valve Core Tool
1 - Instruction Manual

Overview Videos:

TireMinder Motorcycle TPMS User Manual:

TireMinder Motorcycle TPMS English PDF